Web Design | Or… How I Went From Oil Painter To Digital Artist

Web Design | Or… How I Went From Oil Painter To Digital Artist

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To explain the concept of  Web Design |  Or… How I Went From Oil Painter To Digital Artist


1st a little history…

I decided that due to the overwhelming prevalence of computers & the Internet in our society… & in particular digital media; I would try to expand my scope as an artist to include web design, by creating logos & promoting my products in that venue.  The use of the Internet to convey information, such as in the form of ‘blogging’; as well as making products available worldwide on a website; gives an artist a wider range of exposure.  There are graphic art & web design programs available for artists & web designers designed to use to aid in accomplishing the necessary steps needed to execute website & logo design, such as;  , website graphics & logos, website source coding, (although the latest technology for web design uses ‘style sheets’ to accomplish much of the visual website theme-related tasks), web application development, database development, & search-engine optimization.

Website Developers have studied & mastered these techniques which are essential for producing a functional & visually appealing website. They are really the ones who can implement the more sophisticated & extensive elements of web design… in my case I work with a web developer who handles the functional aspects, whereas I develop the visual design elements.

There will be more articles, discussing in detail; more aspects of web design; both visually & functionally, which will help to illustrate the many facets of what actually goes into creating a website.