When I consider what it means to be able to put what I see, down on canvas…

I remember what it was like the first time I picked up a paintbrush, and the joy I felt in being able to create the things what I ‘saw’ in my mind on the blank surface. Once I was able to find the resources that enabled me to master some basic techniques and concepts of Oil artistic-visionPainting, I felt free to reveal my own style and interpretation of subjects that I wanted to represent. I truly believe that an integral part of being able to express your own vision, is the ability to put your own version down on canvas…or some form of artistic expression. When I first considered putting my paintings ‘out there’ for others to critique, (especially by other artists); I remember how much inner turmoil there was for me. I came to believe, that sharing my experience with others; could be a way of helping someone to get past the daunting and often terrifying idea of putting their own work out there.

Some of the articles…

on this website, are geared to those who have never picked up a brush before; the basics to get started… including articles such as, List of Oil Painting Materials, 1st Time Oil Paint & Brush Use, & Anatomy of An Oil Painting (which outline how to begin an oil painting, beginning with that 1st stroke). After addressing the basics, I wanted to describe the other elements of the design of a painting utilizing the material contained in the articles about other important elements, such as: Photo Selection, Composition, Painting The Details In An Oil Painting, etc. The articles deal mostly with ways to use your own style & vision, to create a painting that reflects on how to express a chosen subject and go beyond the Technical Aspects of painting & art in general. In other articles I attempt to show how I have evolved as an artist, by giving my insight into how oil painting remains my first choice as an art medium and as my most passionate means of expression.

After writing articles about my experience with oil painting, I decided to describe the process by which I came to amend my artist portfolio with one of the ways I use now to reach potential buyers of my work; (namely this website); which actually forced me to learn another medium, (i.e. digital web design). The articles on “Web Design: or How I Went From Oil Painter To Digital Artist”, “What Makes A Good Web Designer vs. Developer”, highlight this process; and you will also find articles touching upon other aspects of Graphic Art and Web Design on this website.

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