Artist Karin Portfolio : Family Folk Art Portrait

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 Artist Karin Portfolio : Family Folk Art Portrait (Commissioned)


“Family Folk Art Portrait”

I painted this portrait while living on Cape Cod, after a family member came across a photo of an old folk art painting of a family in the 1900’s.  She had the idea of replicating the painting, however,  replacing the faces in the original; with the faces of herself, her husband, and their 3 children instead. This became an extremely fun project, since I knew all the family members well;  & at times I even felt a strange connection to the subjects as I was painting them.  (I joke to others about this, saying that there were times while I was working on it, when I felt that the subjects might actually reach out of the canvas, grab my paintbrush; and attempt to make corrections).

Not For Sale  ~   16″ x 20″


For information on how to have my commissioned portrait of your 2 or 4-legged family member, painted…or one of, or for a special person in your life, Click here to go to my How to Order a Commissioned Portrait page. You can also go directly to my Oil Painting Prices page.