Artist karin Portfoilio : White Tail

artist oil painting whitetail

 Artist karin Portfoilio : White Tail


 “White Tail”

Captured on film during the fall with it’s full antler ‘rack’…a beautiful male White Tail deer ‘buck’ is highly prized in northern Maine during hunting season in November, where hunting is a huge local tradition; as well as being a big draw for out-of-state hunters.  It is commonplace to see pickup trucks driving around the town limits of the region, with the ‘trophies’ that men, woman, and even boys & girls; achieve at a fairly young age….families from generations of hunters.  Some of them do so to offset the high price of beef, others just to enjoy the wild game taste of venison or to mount the head and antlers on the walls of their ‘camps’.  I cherish the moments when I have had the privilege of seeing these incredibly beautiful animals in the wild, with their amazing agility and subtle manner. This painting is one of the first ones I did after moving to Maine, a friend gave me the reference photo to work from and I really enjoyed painting all the vibrant hues of the leaves, and the texture of the fur was quite challenging since I had not tried anything quite like this before. Also it was my first attempt at painting water with reflections…also a nice challenge for me.


Oil on canvas ~ 16″ x 20″ © ArtistKarin Press Cohen (Unframed)


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