“Red” – Fox Painting

artist oil painting red fox

This painting “Red” has SOLD.

If you would like to request a painting of this red fox, I can create another one very similar to it, and also in various sizes. With all hand-done artwork, there will of course, be some small differences…no two paintings will ever be exactly alike.

Oil on canvas ~ 12″ x 18″

This oil on canvas painting of a red fox; was challenging, yet also extremely rewarding to do. From the moment I saw the stunning photo by the photographer Lorraine5 on pmp – art.com…which is an online reference photo website for artists, I knew I had to do a painting of it!

I had never seen one with the nearly gray fur on the face, as it is in the photo, and I wanted to change it somewhat; so I would not merely replicate what was there…so I decided to paint that fur the same color as as the color of the fur on the rest of this gorgeous animal. The white areas of the face and chest, gave me a lot of opportunity to play with color. Since the way that light, especially sunlight, shows white to really have more than just that one ‘color’, I typically take the subtle colors I see and saturate them more than what they are in the photo. I saw just about every color in the rainbow, but I accentuated the ones that really stood out to me…which were a lighter orange, turquoise, as even some purple. I was happily surprised after applying these with some very strong white highlights, that when I stepped back from my easel (something I do fairly often while I’m painting, to make sure I’m not going to far from my original vision of the painting)…that I was seeing some areas where the fur had some shine to it.

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