Oil Painting Commissioned Dog Portrait | Charlie

Oil painting commissioned Charlie Shih tzu

Oil Painting Commissioned Dog Portrait |Charlie

Commissioned oil painting of a female Shih Tzu, named Charlie. This was a very difficult painting to do, since what happened to Charlie is so very tragic. She passed away this past August, from an infection that she caught while she was lost back in July…when she ran away after being frightened by some firecrackers that were set off by some neighbors. She was found ten days later, but the infection Leptospirosis, (a spirochete bacteria) that dogs and cats can contract from drinking from puddles or eating contaminated food when they’re outdoors…wasn’t caught by her vet in time. ‘Lepto’ is CURABLE with antibiotics if it’s caught early enough…so knowing the signs could save the life of your pet or someone’s pet you know. Charlie is still missed very much by her ‘parents’ who are my dear friends, who commissioned me to do this painting of her.

Here’s a link to more information about Lepto, on the American Veterinary Medical Foundation’s website:


“Charlie” ~ Oil on canvas – 8″ x 8″

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