Oil Painting : Artist Brushes : Like a pen to a writer…a knife to a sculptor

Oil Painting : Artist Brushes :  Like a pen to a writer…a knife to a sculptor



In this Section on Oil Painting

I will explain how I use brushes to create different elements in an oil painting, in order to achieve the desired effect I am looking for. This is done by choosing the right ‘instrument’, (or ‘tool’ ); that I need in order to execute a particular element contained in the painting. There is also a link to 3 very
resourceful charts, that I found on one of the Oil Painting Materials Website I use to order my supplies.  I think you will find these charts extremely helpful & informative, in understanding the differences between the different types of brushes…their functions and how & when to choose a particular type of brush for the effect you are trying to achieve.

Since this is already been done by the art supplier that I use to order my supplies, I saw no need to ‘reinvent the wheel’ by redundantly describing everything about brush technology:  (i.e. descriptions concerning everything an oil painter starting out would need to know,  about choosing the correct oil painting brush for a particular element he or she is trying to create).


These Oil Painting charts…

are available at that site for you to view, by clicking on one of these links; regarding; Brush Shapes and Bristles Chart”, “Brush Sizing Chart” , “Hairtypes and Measuring Chart : “How To Measure a Brush.


Oil Painting Techniques…

regarding brush selection & use; are based on knowledge of the characteristics of the different types of brushes available to choose from.  Keep in mind, that when you are 1st starting to learn, understanding the way each brush is intended to be used, as well as how to use & care for your brushes, will facilitate the best method of mastering the technical aspects of painting.  However…that being said; once you become adept at using basic brush techniques; you will probably find your own manner, style & technique of oil painting; as well as your own way of determining brush choices that best suits YOU.