Artist Design : Making Art An Event

Artist Design: Making Art An Event

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Art is design, and it can take an unlimited number of forms. Anything you can imagine can be designed… from the smallest details in a pair of earrings to a full-sized mural on the side of an old brick building.

Art is not only what someone sketches, paints, decorates, arranges, cooks, molds in clay, photographs, prints, or sculpts… to mention a few.




Designing an event can also be an art…

Wedding Receptions, as well as Anniversary, Birthday, & Religious celebrations such as bar/bat mitzvahs; and even solemn occasions like post-funeral gatherings; are all opportunities to express creativity & an ability to design & plan a special event for family members, friends, colleagues, and other people in our lives. The time and effort that is spent coming up with an idea, searching for an appropriate venue, choosing materials that create a desired theme & ambiance, or the elements necessary to achieve a truly impressive & professionally executed presentation for an company function; will be reflected in the final product.

What really makes a successful event, after planning the important items such as; finding & reserving the location, knowing how many will attend, determining whether you will be providing food & refreshments, (including wine, or other alcoholic beverages such as champagne in the case of an anniversary or engagement party, a rehearsal dinner or wedding reception); is the attention paid to the details. This is where you have a chance to express your creativity and style, and bring all the elements together to make an event special; or a professionally executed business affair, a success.

Some of the details that require attention, in order to make the designated room or area look complete; include, using a color scheme or ‘palette’ that reflects the nature of the event & consider the time of year in which it is being held. Also, choosing colors that compliment & work with one another, as well as ones that evoke a certain mood or the personality of the person or persons you are providing the event for; will portray the effect you are trying to convey.


For example…

with wedding receptions or events;  there are many elements & details involved in even a small, intimate gathering. Wedding events usually have several traditional components, such as:

  • Meals (which could be either a full-course dinner, formal luncheon, or a more casual buffet).
  • Dancing, which means you need to address where to have a designated area for this activity & in the case of an outdoor wedding, how you want to have it styled with options of different materials, such as parquet flooring; or an already existing area, such as a wooden deck, stone or gravel patio.


For a child’s birthday…

you would either be using bright colors, (possibly in the primary spectrum; or colors that are intrinsic to the type of theme chosen. This would of course depend on whether it’s being held for a boy or a girl, however; it is also important to keep in mind the type of personality of the child, when deciding on a theme and the choice of colors.