Oil Painting : Technical Aspects Defined

 Oil Painting : Technical Aspects Defined


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in addition to defining different oil painting techniques in this article; in many of the articles I write about oil painting I give examples of how I use these techniques  to achieve the colors & textures that are necessary to have the outcome I am seeking. Everyone has what they consider to be a degree of  ‘detail’  that represents to them  what defines whether an oil painting & the elements that comprise it;  look ‘real’.  For myself,  the degree of realism I need to achieve is quite high; (with regards to the amount of detail I use),  and is related to the point at which I am willing to accept when an element of the painting is ‘finished’.  I continue working on each element of an oil painting until I feel confident that I have addressed each one until I feel that I cannot find any part of it that can be improved upon.


Oil Painting : Technical Aspects Defined… List of Articles

The following links will take you to previous articles I’ve posted on this site, which include  my interpretation of different Oil Painting Techniques:

Anatomy of An Oil Painting –  Outlines the details of the process I use from ‘start to finish’ of  an oil painting…  from considering the aspects of  “Photo Selection” ,  understanding concepts of Color & ‘Value’,  Shading & Highlighting,  utilizing the  methods & techniques listed below, (all are previously posted articles on different artist techniques); that I use to achieve a successful outcome.

1st Time Oil Paint & Brush Use” – Attempts to give those who have previously never painted with oils… ‘step-by-step’ instructions on where to get started; from the initial placing the pigments on a palette to applying paint to the canvas for the 1st time. 

Painting Details in an Oil Painting –  Addresses many aspects of the details contained in the elements of an oil painting’s primary subject, as well as in other important components .

Blending Elements in an Oil Painting –  An important step, since all elements are made up of more than just a shape & color.  These elements have texture,  which affects how you apply paint in order to create them.  Even smooth textures require the right technique to give them that quality.

Oil Painting Shading Techniques – Are necessary to bring a 3-dimensional  or  ‘life-like’ quality to the objects in a painting.  Without shading & highlights, a painting would look as flat as the canvas it is painted on.


There are  many oil painting  techniques…

that are necessary to use in order to render a quality painting… the ones listed above are the ones most used.  I will be providing more examples & their definitions in future articles.  There are also other resources you can check out online…and  in books & videos on oil painting.  Taking classes in oil painting at a local art association is a great way to learn by the teacher’s instruction & even by watching other artists. Often times you can find classes that are offered by artists in your area.  Here on my website you can view instructional oil painting videos.