Artist : Blending Elements of an Oil Painting

Artist : Blending Elements of an Oil Painting

artist oil painting blending

For a successful artist oil painting

>blending is a crucial technique necessary for creating realistic & visually appealing artwork.

 artist oil painting19th century sailing vesselartist oil painting blending elements

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Consider some of the elements used by an artist, blending elements of an artist oil painting…

involved in rendering a painting of the sailing vessel, such as the 19th Century Schooner,  (shown above).  One such element, is the technique used in creating the detail of the sails  of an artist oil painting.  I start by applying the darkest paint, or ‘shadowed areas’ of the sail. This darker area starts out as the darkest color, (or ‘pigment’);  that I am using, and I gradually introduce a lighter pigment; graduating to the lightest; which I blend into the darker one. This may sound easy, however; it actually takes a fair amount of practice to determine how much of the darkest pigment to use vs. the lighter one… and of course the amount needed for each one. How thickly you apply each of these pigments can determine the correct blending.


The use of different oil painting brushes used for a successful artist oil painting…

can aid not only in keeping these pigments ‘separate’ & pure, but also using different size brushes… makes it possible to quickly switch between the pigments  when you are blending elements in an  artist oil painting as well as having the ability to choose which size bush to use for each pigment.


When using the techniques of an artist blending elements in an oil painting…

you will need to employ techniques in an artist oil painting that require being able to distinguish between different color values & hues, as well as how much paint to have on your brush & the amount of pressure to exert when applying each pigment.  One of the really great things about oil painting is that if you make a mistake, you can wipe off any new paint you apply & start again!