Artist Oil painting : Garden Wedding

artist oil painting Garden Wedding

Artist Oil painting : Garden Wedding

 “Garden Wedding”

This oil painting of an ethereal scene of the two young flower girls walking through a garden during a wedding on a beautiful sunny day… was  one example in a series of commissioned impressionist-style paintings that I did in 1999.  I was asked to conform to a set of stylistic guidelines, which although I gave this decision careful consideration to make sure that it fit my particular style… I found that it gave me an opportunity to explore some new oil painting techniques; in color, form, value, & contrast.  I especially enjoyed having the chance to experiment with ‘saturating’ the colors that were present in the photograph I was working from, (they were already fairly saturated, due to the fact that the subjects were lit from behind; also referred to as  ‘back lit’); to try to take them to a point where this  enhanced the images, without going too far and making them look unrealistic.

Not for sale ~ 16″ x 20″   






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