Building An Artist Portfolio : Introducing Your Artwork

Building An Artist Portfolio : Introducing Your Artwork…

artist oil painting portfolio

Now that you’ve finished some  ‘successful’  pieces of artwork,  (in other words… when you look at what you’ve painted you really like what you see); you might have reached the point when you are considering the possibility that you’re ready to submit them for consideration, & maybe even for sale; to people other than your friends & family…

You truly are at a crossroads!

Some artists never get past the fear of having their technique, style, & impression of a composition critiqued by other artists or art professionals…in fact, some never even try, for fear of that type of rejection.  This is a BIG step for most artists… and once you’ve made the decision to proceed, you need to know how to present your work  as well as yourself as an artist;  in a professional manner.  You can do so with a professional, attractive, artist portfolio.


Building an Artist Portfolio :  Introducing Your Artwork… Getting started

First, you’ll need some photographs of your work… that will show your work in an artist portfolio  accurately & in a flattering manner, unless you are physically bringing examples of them with you to a place where they are to be ‘juried’;  (i.e. submitted for consideration for entrance into an art show, association, gallery, guild, etc.)  to be accepted or rejected by their panel of judges.  Many artists find that they can take decent photos with a digital camera, however; if you’ve never done so, once you have the finished product; compare how they look to others you see online.


Building an Artist Portfolio :  Introducing Your Artwork… Choosing Images

Are the images sharp? Do they represent the colors as close to what they really are when you see them in person?  Do they have any defects that could detract… such as showing the camera’s flash, etc.?  If so, and by changing a few things; such as lighting or the settings on your camera, (you may want to have them taken by a professional photographer or by someone you know, who has the ability to make them look professional).  Having an artist portfolio of printed & digital photographs of your artwork are a good way to show others what your work consists of, as well as for submitting them to galleries, or displaying them online.  Online galleries & artist websites are a new way that artists are now exhibiting their artwork, and there are also sites that promote the work of many artists by providing them various ways to do so.


Building an Artist Portfolio :  Introducing Your Artwork… Resources

Some of these all-inclusive art/artist websites, provide artists with a free customized website, with an … Ecommerce” shopping cart, (click on this link to visit an eCommerce Web Developer) which makes it possible for visitors to purchase your artwork… tools for converting your artwork into print media, (limited-edition prints, posters, greeting cards, etc.); as well as exposure on the internet that allows you to ‘get your feet wet’, so you can tell how well your artwork is received before venturing to create a website that will be showcasing your work alone.

Your artist portfolio  should contain a variety of subjects and styles, and should not be limited to only one type of media if you engage in several.  Choose the most colorful, interesting ones that demonstrate your ability as an artist.  One tool that artists use to promote themselves & their work,  is a biography or ‘bio’; which describes how they got started in art or other venues.  An artist bio gives a description of their background in art, & will often explain how they arrived at choosing the subjects and the techniques they used to achieve their results in their finished work.


Building an Artist Portfolio : Creating An Effective ‘Bio’

Other elements that you can include in your artist portfolio  ‘bio,’ to let people know about you as an artist, include things  such as:  the types of art classes you’ve taken & the names of the places where you attended them; as well as awards you may have received as a student or in artist shows and exhibitions.  Finally, it can be a good idea to also include a section in your artist portfolio bio, about your impression of your artistic experiences… past,  present & future.