Artists who Inspired Me : Famous Artist | Edgar Degas

Artist Article: Artists who Inspired Me : Famous Artist | Edgar Degas

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EDGAR DEGAS – French Artist – (1834-1917)

I remember being continually amazed by the three framed ballerina prints that hung on my bedroom wall when I was eight. The dancers appeared to be moving even though obviously this was impossible because they were only 2-dimensional. The artist who painted them was Edgar Degas, a well-known French painter & sculptor, who was also famous for his talents in drawing & printmaking. Although he was considered to be one of the artists who founded ‘Impressionism’, he did not consider his work to be such; and instead wanted to be referred to as a ‘Realist’.

Artist History

Born, Hilaire-Germain-Edgar De Gas, Edward Degas is an artist best-known for his paintings of ballerinas & dance, which comprise more than half his work and clearly show his mastery of the elements of movement.  Another notable subject that depicts his incredible ability as an artist, is evident in the paintings & sketches he did of racehorses as well as one depicting scenes at  race courses.  Female nudes were also a popular subject for Degas’ to paint and sketch, of which he did many. He was also well-known for his many portraits… which often portrayed the subject of human isolation, & considered to be “psychologically complex”.