Artist Web Design : Website Report Card

Artist Web Design : Website Report Card

How is your website performing? Are you making enough sales? Is it attracting decent traffic? If it’s not meeting your original  artist-article computer report cardexpectations, it could be because you aren’t doing all the things available to improve your ranking with the search engines…


Could it be that your current web-hosting company has limited Search Engine Optimization, limited shopping cart functionality, less-design options, as well as less advertising & promotion of it’s member’s websites. Of course there are the more traditional things you can do, like adding new content, (articles, & product descriptions); that would help the search engines ‘index’ your site…but you probably wouldn’t want to put any more effort into trying to improve it, if what you’ve done so far hasn’t given you decent results!!!

It may not be your ‘FAULT’…

Now that you’ve got your ‘feet wet’ with having a website & you know a LOT more about… how to design one… setting it up with your products… writing descriptions & uploading photos… and you understand ‘something’ about how ‘search results’ work…maybe you’re ready to try something a bit more sophisticated. Perhaps trying another web-development company that offers more options… one that is geared to helping you to sell your products, would give you a lot more ‘bang for your buck’.

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Many of the web design/web development companies out there, can design & develop very sophisticated, complex, & feature-rich websites for big companies and corporations, but there ARE other online choices available; ones that have found a way to offer people who have a small budget…easy-to-use web-design, that anyone can do.

Having a web design/web development company that specializes in eCommerce websites & offers a multitude of design options, such as: pre-designed or customized templates, custom shopping carts, product posting support,  tools to make shipping & managing orders easy, and many other features; may make having a successful, productive, website a reality.  You can also watch this video which demonstrates how eCommerce web development can provide solutions to help increase the sales of your unique product or service.