Artist Oil Painting : At the Fair

artist oil painting At the Fair Karin Cohen

Artist Oil Painting : At the Fair

Oil Painting of a young girl wearing a denim sundress and carrying a big-red balloon.  The entire scene complete with a crowd of fair-goers’ in the background; conjured up for me a ‘snapshot in time’, of what may seem to be an event of a bygone era; yet in northern Maine can be found during almost every weekend in the summer. I was especially drawn to the vibrant red of the balloon in the photo, and the innocence in her sweet expression; as well as the opportunity to render some wonderful colors that appeared in the denim which had some beautiful colors of reflected light in the shadow.

$325 USD (Originally $435 USD, before 25% discount)

Oil on canvas ~ 18″ x 24″ © ArtistKarin Cohen (1998) (Includes white wooden frame)

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