“Soaking Up the Sun in Crofter’s Window”

artist oil paintings geranium

I came across the photo for this painting a potted geranium in a window in full sunlight, online on an artists’ reference website, and I was immediately struck by the wonderful light and shadows that were being projected onto the petals, leaves, and also the windowsill. The colors in the photo were a bit less saturated, but I could see many opportunities to accentuate them in a painting. I have very fond memories as a young child, of planting geraniums with my mother in our Boston apartment…a much simpler time, when in my head; time was never something I needed to pay any mind to.


FOR SALE ~ $225 USD (Was $300, before 25% discount) – Shipping is included in the price.


Oil on canvas ~ 16″ x 20″ © ArtistKarin Press Cohen – 2016

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