Commissioned Oil Painting of “Luna” the White German Shepherd Dog

commissioned oil painting white german shepherd dog

Commissioned Oil Painting of a white German Shepherd named Luna, that was a gift for the daughter of the winning bidder at an auction for an animal shelter that was destroyed in a fire a few years ago…during which; 16 cats were tragically lost. The auction was to benefit the rebuilding of the shelter, that has been finished and is open, serving the community by offering a safe place for animals that need a place to live until they are adopted.

I found Luna’s white fur to be a virtual ‘playground’ for me as an artist, since it allowed med to create a color palette that compliments and accentuates her natural beauty. The colors To me, white is actually never just that. It has reflected colors from the environment around it. The highlights as well as the shadows can be either cool or warm, ranging from pale yellow, red, and even turquoise in the warmer hues…to blue and purple in the cooler ones. My goal as always with commissioned pieces and my other paintings, is to create in a style that will bring a photograph to life…not to merely reproduce it exactly as it is appears in the photo.

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